Mission Statement

Count Virtuoso’s vision is to significantly enhance the learning experience of the Undergraduate STEM Student, which will hopefully result in, the increase of graduation rates, the enrichment of scientific field expertise, and the evolution of the technological ecosystem.

More About the Mission

The best method of learning varies by the preference of the individual student. CVE believes that studying can be fun and effortless. As many scholars will tell you, repetition is key to learning. If the tutorial supplements focused on the primary class requirements are fun and engaging, then repetition is natural for the learner, they will want to play it again. With study habits being a common challenge for students, CV Ed believes the best method of learning is edutainment. The preference of the student, balancing visual rudiments with auditory cues, in delightful, conceptually expanding manner, in a way that is memorable, is Count Virtuoso’s priority. Count Virtuoso Edutainment is committed to providing students with a blend of audio-visual lessons that are conducive to comfortable and effective learning, catered to many types of learning preferences.

Today’s emerging technology has created a platform where we can physically see things in a whole new way. That means CVE can provide explanations of natural mathematic examples in a way that a dry erase board, a calculator, and a book could never do. In some cases, even hands on learning environments cannot equate with some of the educational experiences that can be created with 3-dimensional graphics, math, and physics formula details put in context, in a virtually real space with objects that up to now, were yet to be conveyed in a virtually tangible lesson. Music videos, gamification, and exemplary three-dimensional representation of concepts are the types of edutainment software available in the supplemental tutorial lessons.

Quality Results

Count Virtuoso Education research-based lessons make learning college level calculus and physics significantly easier and totally fun. One of the teaching methods implemented is edutainment, which provides the student pleasure through captivating images and mind expounding sound. That is a method proven by Sesame Street and other pioneers. CVE is applying this proven method with a demographic that it has never yet been introduced to, particularly in a formal college setting, until now.


The classic virtue of “World Class Customer Service” to Count Virtuoso Ed means continual dedication to the needs of learners, and looking for opportunities to go above and beyond to provide and improve accessibility, adaptability, information quality, and whatever may be an enhancement of an ever-evolving CV Ed student experience.




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